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Shots Fired
A new battle has broken out in Kinsale with the new 1601 Distillery

With the name 1601, we pay homage to this important period in Irish history.

Shots fired – the battle continues…

The Siege or Battle of Kinsale is one of Ireland’s most famous battles and was the culmination of England’s conquest of Gaelic Ireland. Commencing in October 1601, towards the end Queen Elizabeth I’s reign and at the climax of the Nine Year War, which was a campaign by Hugh O’Neill, Hugh Roe O’Donnell and other Irish Lords against English Rule. Owing to Spanish involvement, and the strategic advantages to be gained, the battle also formed part of the Anglo-Spanish war the wider conflict of Protestant England against Catholic Spain.

Following the battle, O’Donnell fled to Spain and Hugh O’Neill surrendered to the English in 1603. In 1607, O’Neill relocated to Spain alongside a number of family members and supporters, which became famously known as ‘The Flight of the Earls’.

This is one of the most significant battles in Irish history and 1601 is now a date recognised throughout Ireland, though it has an especially important meaning to the area of Kinsale.


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1601 Distillery will be releasing a range of carefully crafted whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, stout, ale and lager.


Uisce Beatha

A Brief History of Irish Whiskey

Whiskey is derived from the Irish term uisce beatha, meaning ‘water of life’, so, naturally, Irish whiskey is renowned worldwide and is also the fastest growing spirit in the world. Though there is some debate around the exact origins of whiskey, one of the most prominent suggestions is that it was developed by Irish monks who learned the skills to develop whiskey whilst practising perfume distillery in the Mediterranean. With the opening of the Old Bushmills Distillery in 1608, whiskey production grew from a local pastime into an industry.

Though it saw a dip in popularity due to external factors, such as The Irish War of Independence and prohibition in the United States, it saw a resurgence around 1988 when Irish Distillers was bought by the French distillers Pernod Ricard. Today, new independent distilleries are opening across Ireland and we at 1601 Distillery are proud to be amongst these prestigious names.


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1601 Distillery will be open to the public in Autumn of 2020.


1601 Distillery &
Visitor Centre

Opening Autumn 2020

1601 Distillery is a brewery and distillery and will in the coming years have a visitor centre. The distillery will be releasing whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, stout, ale and lager. We invite you to join us in discovering the taste and character of our Irish-made liquors, including a history of the distillery processes and the significance of the 1601 name.

A list of our trademarks are as follows:

1601 Distillery
1601 Whiskey
1601 Armada Rum
1601 Lord Mountjoy Whiskey
1601 Red Hugh Ale
1601 O’Neill Stout
1601 Red Hugh Whiskey
1601 Carew Lager
1786 Grey Wolf Gin & Vodka

Discover our contemporary processes as you get in-depth information on our distillery, our location and our liquours.


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9 Tramway Terrace,
Douglas, Co. Cork

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021 489 9999

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